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and Many More Reamers by Mary WalkerNow available:
and Many More Reamers by Mary Walker

Out of Print:
Reamers (200 Years)
by Mary Walker
More Reamers (200 Years) by Mary Walker

Reamers are identified by the Walker letter and number system. These identifications, along with hundreds of illustrations of many categories of reamers, are printed in these three books, which are important aids to the collector.

The first volume illustrates hundreds of reamers, many in color, along with a history of reamers and other information. The second book containes hundreds of illustrations not found in the first volume and is also a price guide. Since reamer collecting has been very popular for a number of years, the prices suggested are out of date, but can still give a very general price range for the beginning collector. Both books are indispensible to the reamer collector. Unfortunately, at this time, both titles are out of print.

A brand new edition, and Many More Reamers, by Mary Walker, has just been released! It contains over 3500 listings of reamers ,including many, many new reamers not included in the first two books. Ordering information is here.

Another source of information/prices on glass reamers is Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years by Gene Florence, published by Collector Books, PO Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42001.